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You may not be familiar with IL-1 Birds of Prey. It's an aircraft combat MMO using classic planes from the first half of the twentieth century, and it's generally getting good reviews despite still being in beta. It does …Gadget Review · 2 hours ago

The rumors appear to be true. After years of development, it appears that Amazon really will be putting out a smartphone. So what do you need to know about the next step in Amazon's would-be dominance of …Gadget Review · 4 hours ago

The iriverOn IF-M100 is not just another Bluetooth stereo headset. It can also monitor your heart rate while you exercise. A biometric sensor on iriverOn's right earbud measures heart rate by using an infrared lens and …The Straits Times · 4/10/2014

If you want to know your weight and also your body fat percentage, the Withings Smart Body Analyzer WS-50 may be for you. It reads your weight, body fat percentage, heart rate and even the air quality in a room. At …The Straits Times · 4/10/2014

Syncing the Gear Fit with a Samsung Galaxy S5 was easy, but we quickly ran into problems when testing its pedometer capabilities against the Jawbone UP24. The pedometer needs to be turned on manually, and …TrustedReviews · 4/10/2014

Thanks once again to its Solid State Drive. The SSD, however, the gadget review site noes doesn't help much with CPU intensive tasks. Transfer speeds, however, are predictably fast. It maxes out at 550 MB/s, while …KpopStarz · 4/14/2014

So what can the Gear Fit do exactly? It can do quite a bit. Powering the movement tracking is a 3-axis accelerometer typically found in other fitness trackers like the Nike Fuelband SE and the Jawbone UP24 and a gyroscope to sense motion. Bluetooth 4.0 …TrustedReviews · 4/10/2014

Steelseries have combined excellent acoustics with a handful of innovative features to make a convincing argument in favour of the H Wireless as one of the best set of cans on the market. In keeping with the tenets of …The Scotsman · 4/9/2014

The Samsung GALAXY Note PRO has just been released into the Nigerian market. I have had a trial Samsung GALAXY Note PRO 12.2 unit with me for two weeks courtesy of Samsung Mobile Nigeria. I have never …360 nobs · 4/6/2014

Microsoft's Windows RT tablets are flawed but underrated mobile devices, particularly as productivity tools. If you know someone who took a chance on one when they were heavily discounted in the Black Friday sales recently, however, you will find that ...The Morton Report · 12/10/2013